Top 5 private schools in the UK

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As a parent, wanting the very best for your children manifests itself in all aspects of life. Few priorities lie above education; after all,...

The educational advantages of independent schools

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As a parent, it's only natural that you want the very best for your children – and education is no different. But there are many things to...

Spend your gap year at home


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 It has become something of a tradition for independent school pupils to go abroad for their gap year. Whether it is to teach, work or travel,...

Oxbridge graduates are more likely to teach in independent schools

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 Independent secondary school teachers are three times more likely to have a degree from Oxford or Cambridge than their state sector equivalents,...

State and independent school partnerships showcased online

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 A new initiative has been set up to encourage more state and independent schools to form partnerships. The London Brokerage pitches itself as the...

Parents of private school pupils are investing in the future

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Whereas some people may view private education purely as expenditure, it should instead be viewed as an investment, according to one head, who...

Financial literacy starts at home with mum and dad

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The financial crisis of 2008 revealed a couple of things - one, we’re not that au fait with the working of the financial sector and two, when it...

Are private schools better than state schools?

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Whether to send children to private or state schools has been debated by parents for almost as long as compulsory education came into force, and...

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