Does Singapore hold the answer to helping UK students improve at maths?


Maths has been regarded with an air of dread by generations of students struggling to get their heads around algebra and Pythagoras theorem, but it is one of the most important subjects for pupils to be successful in to increase their chances of getting a good job in later life. So what can be done […]

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Philosophy lessons boost exam results and self-esteem, study finds


Philosophy is not a subject that can be found on every UK school’s curriculum, but it has long been taught in many of the country’s independent educational institutions. And a new study has looked at the true value that philosophy can bring to students’ education, with the results showing classes in the subject at a […]

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Are private schools better than state schools?


Whether to send children to private or state schools has been debated by parents for almost as long as compulsory education came into force, and some remain very much divided when it comes to the benefits of each type of establishment. On the one hand, it has long been believed that private schools provide children […]

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Which factors have the greatest influence on children’s success?


There is no single factor that can determine how successful a child is likely to be at school and in later life, with social influence, the family unit and the type of school they attend all playing a key role in their achievement. However, there are undoubtedly some factors that play a greater role than […]

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