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School Fees in the UK

School fees in the UK are only payable at independent and private schools. The average UK school fee per term for a day school is about £3400. Day pupils at UK boarding schools would pay an additional £1000 in school fees on average. UK Boarding School fees for boarders cost on average £7800 per term. Over recent years, UK school fees have been increasing at around 6% per year.

There are large regional variations in school fees in the UK, the South being generally more expensive than the North. School fees in the UK also rise as the children get older, senior school fees being appreciably more expensive than preparatory school fees in the UK.

Parents normally pay school fees termly in advance, but discounts may be applicable if school fees are paid annually. Further reductions for UK school fees are normally offered for siblings. The overall annual cost of educating your child is likely to be higher than the cost of school fees in the UK alone. Additional expenses are incurred for school uniform, sports equipment, school lunches, music lessons, extra-curricular activities and additional tuition.

Many schools provide assistance towards school fees by offering scholarships for children for high achievers in academic studies, music or art. These are normally awarded by exam results or an audition. Scholarships normally don’t cover more than 50% of the school fees in the UK.

Bursaries are means-tested, may also be available to cover part of the school fee bill for pupils whose parents could not otherwise afford the full cost. They are awarded at the discretion of the school, which may set specific criteria.

Financial assistance towards UK school fees may also be available from educational charities. These normally reserve awards for children whose parents can demonstrate a genuine need for an independent education or to enable a child to complete the current stage of education in the event of an unforeseen change in circumstances.

Planning your school fees in the UK is vital. Independent School Fees are likely to be the largest expenditure encountered throughout your lifetime. SFIA are the leading School Fees Specialists in the UK and we aim to make school fees less taxing. A key strategy to make school fees in the UK affordable is to pay them over a longer period, but even for those that can afford school fees, we can offer plans that utilise tax you have already paid (or about to be charged) to fund school fees.

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