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How SFIA Work - SFIAWe are the leading school fees planning organisation operating throughout the UK.

No other organisation can boast a heritage that dates back over 60 years to 1952.

We develop our own bespoke IT and specialist systems and strategies to help parents, this ensures that our solutions are appropriate and specific to our clients needs, rather than generic.

All our advisers are established and experienced professionals we work on behalf of our clients independent from schools and educational establishments.

A local adviser will make contact to have an introductory discussion, which may lead to an initial free consultation at a place of your choice, where we will explain our services and how we work, we normally are able to provide an indication of to what extent we can help at this stage.

In advance we will have prepared a School Fees Schedule to help illustrate any options available. We will gather and assess relevant information, in order to recommend a plan of action.

Our bespoke school fees report has proved very popular with parents as this provides a high level strategy that presents all the material information and benefits in a relatively concise manner.

At SFIA we believe the above is only the beginning, to help achieve what you set out for we will review your situation periodically by specific agreement, to ensure there are no unwelcome surprises as a result of fiscal or other changes.

SFIA plans are highly flexible and allow payment dates to be altered, or for the benefits to be transferred to another child or for any other use.

Why Choose SFIA

There is nobody else in the marketplace that can offer the experience, specialisation and range of solutions we offer - read more

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