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Private schools have many advantages over state-run institutions, including smaller class sizes, a wider range of extracurricular activities and a higher standard of teaching.

This is primarily due to the extra funding that private institutions have to hand, as each pupil's family is paying school fees to ensure their child receives the best standard of education possible.

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A constant influx of money means resources and facilities can be regularly added to and upgraded, without the lengthy waits associated with applying for government funding, meaning your child's learning environment will always be up-to-date with the latest standards.


If you're concerned about how to pay school fees to send your child to an independent institution, then SFIA is here to help.

Saving for private school fees


Some parents choose to start saving for their child's education, including their independent school costs and their university fees, as soon as they are born, or even before.


However, others don't consider private schools until their children are in nursery, or maybe not even until after they have finished their primary education. Whatever your situation, SFIA can provide you with independent school fees support.


Setting up a trust fund or putting a sum aside each month can soon lead to your school fees fund building up and we know you'll want to protect that precious cash - after all, a good education is the most valuable gift you can buy for your child.


Research shows that planning how to save for private school fees can save a family up to £80,000 over the course of a child's education, so it's definitely worth planning in advance and investing in school fees insurance to protect your hard-earned savings.

Independent school fees solutions from SFIA


We know that every family's circumstances are different and it might be the parents, grandparents or even a generous family friend who's paying private school fees for a child, which is why we have access to a range of solutions to cater for everyone's needs.


For instance, our school fees pension plan allows those paying into the fund to save greater sums into their pension at the same time, while taking out a flexible mortgage enables homeowners to release cash from their property when the need arises.


We can offer expert, professional financial advice on each of these options, as well as on how tax relief can assist in paying private school fees for your child.


At SFIA, we set you up with a dedicated and experienced financial adviser who will develop a personalised strategy report for you to help you manage the cost of independent school fees more effectively. Then, we monitor, review and amend it over time to make sure it can help you and your child throughout their time in education.


To find out more about how SFIA can help you pay private school fees for your child and for more details on our school fees insurance solutions, please fill out the form to the right of your screen to request a callback today.

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