Philosophy lessons boost exam results and self-esteem, study finds


Philosophy is not a subject that can be found on every UK school’s curriculum, but it has long been taught in many of the country’s independent educational institutions. And a new study has looked at the true value that philosophy can bring to students’ education, with the results showing classes in the subject at a […]

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Spend your gap year at home


It has become something of a tradition for independent school pupils to go abroad for their gap year. Whether it is to teach, work or travel, many are inclined and encouraged to make the most of this time in some distant destination.

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Financial literacy starts at home with mum and dad


The financial crisis of 2008 revealed a couple of things – one, we’re not that au fait with the working of the financial sector and two, when it comes to money management, we could do a lot better. Of course, the crash and the subsequent global recession represented a wake-up call, namely a response to the […]

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Parents of private school pupils are investing in the future


Whereas some people may view private education purely as expenditure, it should instead be viewed as an investment, according to one head, who says that the financial input will reap dividends in later life. Dorothy MacGinty, headmistress at Kilgraston, an all-girls school in the Bridge of Earn in Perthshire, believes that there is much more […]

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Are A-level results distorted by school type?


Parents choose to send their children to private school for a variety of reasons, but one of the key factors is the possibility of better grades. Whereas smaller class sizes, improved facilities and quality teaching are all important, the fact is that pupils at private schools perform better at A-level – something evidenced by results […]

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A third of new MPs went to private school


A third of the MPs who were elected to the new House of Commons in 2015 were educated at a private school, according to new research. A study carried out by the Sutton Trust shows that 32 per cent of politicians who won the vote in their constituency on May 7th were independently educated, which […]

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Nicky Morgan’s direction for education


The reappointment of Nicky Morgan as education secretary sends out a clear message about the direction of education. We take a look at what this means. The reappointment of Nicky Morgan as education secretary in prime minister David Cameron’s all-Conservative cabinet – the first time in 18 years that this has been possible  – was […]

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Independent schools fees ‘pricing out middle-class families’


The soon to be departing headmaster of Eton College has been speaking out about the cost of independent schools, stating that high-performing institutions have become far too expensive for “squeezed” middle-class families. Tony Little, who has been in charge of the prestigious and historic school since 2002, told the Telegraph in a recent interview that […]

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