Independent School Council Census 2016 Highlights

Students with exam results

There are approximately 2,500 Independent Schools in the UK. 1,280 of these schools are members of the Independent School Council (ISC). The ISC produces an annual census. The highlights of the census reported in this article reflect the position in the 2015/2016 school year.

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Bristol Grammar School’s state school initiative

Bristol Grammar School

Bristol Grammar School (BGS) is applying to open a new free school in Knowle West, South Bristol for more than 1,000 pupils. This follows recent Government proposals to encourage selective schools to open non-selective schools in areas where there is demand and high levels of children from disadvantaged background.

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A Bursary is nothing to be ashamed of

children in class

Independent schooling is expensive. Having said that, there is assistance available for those who may struggle to afford school fees. Almost all independent schools offer some measure of financial support. More than a quarter of pupils receive financial help from their school in the form of excellence awards, means- tested bursaries and sibling discounts to […]

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Empty nest, empty wallet


Parents putting financial health at risk to fund university costs When it comes to funding a university education, it is parents and grandparents who typically look to provide the money. But even though this may be the case, last year’s graduates from English universities are still left with an average of £44,000 debt (source: Sutton […]

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Elitism amongst the privately educated


According to a recent study by Sutton Trust, more than three quarters of top judges and 70% of QCs have benefited from studying at a private school. Their analysis revealed that high-fliers in the field of law were about 10 times more likely to have gone to an independent school than those who did not. […]

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