Advice with you in mind


One of the most important relationships you may ever have Few people really have the time to understand the significant number of financial products on the market at any time. If you’re looking to invest, buy a protection product or plan for the longer term, expert professional financial advice is essential to help enable you […]

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Are you fit to retire?


Getting your pension in shape to enjoy the kind of lifestyle you want in later life ‘Will I be able to afford the retirement lifestyle I want?’ is a question that many people ask but struggle to figure out. There are many ways to assess your likely income in retirement and work out how much […]

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Smoothing out your portfolio’s returns


Increasing the long-term value of your investments It’s natural to be looking for ways to smooth out your portfolio’s returns. Investing regularly can smooth out market highs and lows over time. In a fluctuating market, a strategy known as ‘pound-cost averaging’ can help smooth out the effect of market changes on the value of your […]

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Planning for the future

open sky

Why it’s important to know your start and end points Reaching wealth goals and achieving personal ambitions are major objectives of the financial planning process. In order to make plans for the future, you need to know where you are today and where you want to be in the future. Wealth goal-setting is very much […]

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SFIA Launch Client Services Website


SFIA have recently launched a new website aimed to serve its clients, by providing a knowledge centre of topical and relevant financial information. The site presents our range of our services, our position in the market and how we work with our clients to deliver first class independent financial advice.

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Asset mix


Even the best-planned portfolios need to be reviewed regularly It goes without saying that everyone should take some time to review their portfolios every once in a while. The only constant in life is change – and chances are your life has changed since you last reviewed your investment portfolio. Best-planned portfolios Do you know […]

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Considering an enterprise investment scheme?


With the end of the tax year looming and pension tax free annual allowance limited to £40,000, high earners should seek alternative ways to invest in a tax-efficient manner; Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) are one of the options.

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What is equity release?


Most commonly used as a means of bolstering income in retirement, equity release is the name given to the selection of products that allow you to access the cash tied up in your property. Equity release products are divided into two main types, and are available only to those aged 55 and over.

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How to make the most of a cash Isa


A cash Isa is one of the most effective ways to save money, as it allows you to accrue tax-free interest on the sums you deposit. However, to make sure you get the most from it, you need to use it wisely. Fortunately, following a few simple tips will allow you to do so. Here […]

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What are flexible mortgages?


Flexible mortgages, as the name suggests, provide more flexibility than standard mortgages. They do so by offering customers a variety of features, including overpayment, borrowing back and even payment breaks. Understanding these basic features will leave you well versed in the fundamental structure of flexible mortgage products. However, as with any mortgage, careful consideration of […]

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