Schools fees planning vital to controlling costs, study shows


Although it is not always possible for parents to prepare for the unexpected, there are plenty of costs that can be anticipated ahead of time, and school fees are one of the most significant. Those wishing to put their children through private education often face a number of challenges, from securing the place at a […]

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How will the 2015 Budget affect you?


With a general election imminent, the lack of harsh measures in George Osborne’s Budget surprised few people, but there was no doubt that it will benefit many demographics, with the so-called ‘squeezed middle’ in line for the biggest boost.

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The 2015 pension changes: how will they affect you?


This year will see one of the biggest shake-ups of the UK’s pensions system in decades, with many of the measures announced by Chancellor George Osborne in last year’s Budget finally coming into force. Perhaps the biggest change announced over the past 12 months is that people will soon have greater power over how they […]

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